Music and Jazz at St Giles in 2018

Spring/Summer Music Programme

Our 2018 Spring/Summer programme includes Jazz and other musical events. Links to jazz concerts are shown on the right.

  • 25th March – Palm Sunday: Instead of Evensong: Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater
  • 30th March – Good Friday: Mozart Requiem bring and sing
  • 28th April – Musical Banquet (with food!)
  • 5th May – Pete Oxley’s Nine Lives Family Band
  • 12th May – Concert by visiting Swedish choir Bankeryds Kyrkokör
  • 19th May - Derek Paravicini/Ben Holder trio
  • 16th June – Akino Kitihara (piano)/Phillip Shirtcliff (Clarinet) recital
  • 30th June – Viola recital by Georgia Russell
  • 14th July – Titanic House Band

The funds raised and donated by our Autumn 2017 jazz series were as follows:

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ARCHIVE: List of all concerts since our first in 2012


Upcoming Events

  • 05
    St Giles' Church
    Nine Lives (The Oxley*~Graham Family Band)
  • 19
    Derek Paravacini Trio with Ben Holder
  • 14
    The Titanic House Band - Not Waving but Drowning