Our concerts

Jean Darke started the ‘Jazz at St Giles’ series in September 2012 in memory of her jazz-loving husband Geoff, and we have kept a list of all the gigs we have run since then (67 and counting as at February 2022!).

Most of the gigs since 2015 have their descriptive promotional web pages here still, but the early ones from 2012-2014 don’t have one.


22/09/2012 David Gordon Trio
06/10/2012 Apollo 5
20/10/2012 Ben Holder Quartet
03/11/2102 3BPM (Martin Pickett)
17/11/2012 Tantrum – Paul Jeffries, Tommaso Starace, Frank Hockney
01/12/2012 Alison Neale Quartet
15/12/2012 Gypsy Fire!


25/01/2013 Jacqui Dankworth and David Gordon
26/01/2013 The Oxley Meir Gutar Duo
26/01/2013 David Gordon Trio
27/01/2013 Friday Afternoons (St Giles Choir)


27/09/2014 Rob Terry Trio
18/10/2014 Chris Garrick and David Gordon
01/11/2014 Ben Holder Quartet with Art Themen
22/11/2014 Pete Oxley and Nicholas Meier
05/12/2014 Tommasso Starace
13/12/2014 Gypsy Fire!


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26/09/2015 Art Themen and 3BPM
24/10/2015 Ben Holder Quartet
07/11/2015 Tommaso Starace Quartet
21/11/2015 The Budapest Café Orchestra
05/12/2015 Pete Oxley / Tim Whitehead
12/12/2015 Gypsy Fire!


01/02/2016 David Gordon Trio
16/04/2016 Nine Lives – The Oxley/Graham Family Band
24/09/2016 Karen Street and Streetworks
15/10/2016 Tina May with pianist David Gordon
12/11/2016 ‘Blue Note’ with Tommaso Starace and Michele Di Toro
19/11/2016 Pete Oxley/Nicholas Meier
26/11/2016 Rob Terry Trio plays Gershwin
03/12/2016 Brickwork Lizards
10/12/2016 Christmas Special with the Ben Holder Quartet


30/09/2017 ‘Celebrating Hoagy’ – Chris Ingham Quartet
14/10/2017 David Gordon Trio speaks Latin
28/10/2017 Ben Holder Quartet and Julian Stringle (clarinet) – Benny Goodman Tribute
04/11/2017 Tommaso Starace Trio from ‘Blue Note Milan’
18/11/2017 Pete Oxley and Nick Meier Quartet “The Colours of Time”
09/12/2017 Brickwork Lizards – Turko/Arabian/Balkan


05/05/2018 Nine Lives (The Oxley* ~Graham Family Band)
19/05/2018 Derek Paravacini Trio with Ben Holder
14/07/2018 The Titanic House Band – Not Waving but Drowning
22/09/2018 Pete Oxley and Nick Meier – Guitar Duo with Rohan Byrt
13/10/2018 Trifarious Trio – Russian Roulette
27/10/2018 The Ben Holder Hot Club De Paris Quartet
10/11/2018 Art Themen Quintet: New Directions
17/11/2018 Brickwork Lizards
24/11/2018 Tommaso Starace All Star Trio
01/12/2018 David Gordon Trio: Alexander’s (Scriabin) Rag Time Band


18/05/2019 Ben Holder – Gypsy Jazz
06/07/2019 The Titanic House Band
28/09/2019 Getz: A Musical Portrait with the Chris Ingham Quartet featuring Mark Crooks
12/10/2019 Nadine André and Paul Cavaciuti
26/10/2019  Charlie Wood – Tribute to Mose Allison
09/11/2019 Rob Terry Trio – Porgy and Bess, Rite of Spring
23/11/2019 Donut Kings
30/11/2019 Jacqui Dankworth
07/12/2019 Brickwork Lizards
14/12/2019 Tommaso Starace with Michele Di Toro and Yuri Goloubev


07/02/2020 Varsity Big Band Jazz off!
08/05/2020 Pete Oxley ‘Time is of the Essence’ (Cancelled)
14/05/2020  Oxley Meier Live Stream
16/05/2020 Donut Kings Big Band (Cancelled)
06/06/2020 Ben Holder – Gypsy Jazz (Cancelled)
12/09/2020 Art Themen – ‘New Directions’ Quintet (Cancelled)
26/09/2020 Chris Ingham and Mark Crooks – Tribute to Billy Strayhorn
10/10/2020 Ben Holder Four – Le Jazz Hotclub de Paris (Cancelled)
07/11/2020 Oxford University Jazz Orchestra (Cancelled)
28/11/2020 Brickwork Lizards (YouTube Stream only)


06/05/2021 The Titanic House Band (Cancelled)
18/09/2021Chris Ingham Duo
09/10/2021 David Gordon
06/11/2021 Pete Oxley and Nick Meier
04/12/2021 Brickwork Lizards
19/12/2021 The Bachstreet Boys (Cancelled)


29/01/2022 Oxford University Jazz Orchestra and Imperial College Big Band