Derek Paravacini Trio with Ben Holder

Saturday -
7:30 pm
Derek Paravacini Trio with Ben Holder

Derek Paravacini

We are privileged to welcome the Derek Paravicini Trio (with Ben Holder) in a scintillating programme of ‘Jazz on a summer's day’.

Derek (b. 1979) is an extraordinarily talented pianist, despite being blind and having severe learning difficulties. He plays entirely by ear, and has a repertoire of many thousands of pieces that he has memorised - jazz, pop and light classical - and he is a great improviser. Derek featured recently in a special BBC Radio Three programme.

Derek is accompanied by the equally astonishing virtuoso jazz violinist Ben Holder, so well known & loved by St. Giles audiences.
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Derek performs on behalf of autistic children and has his own autistic charity  the AMBER TRUST which provides music facilities and instruments for blind autistic children whose parents cannot afford music lessons for them. Proceeds from this concert will be shared with that charity and Project 900.

The Amber Trust helps blind and partially sighted children across the UK who have a talent or love for music. Its vision is for blind and partially sighted children, including those with additional disabilities, to have the best possible chance to meet their musical needs and aspirations and fulfil their potential. Many of the blind or partially sighted children in the UK have a real flair for music and, given the right support, they can develop their talents to remarkable ends, fulfilling their potential as individuals as well as musicians. Many live in relative poverty and so suffer a double disadvantage. Their families cannot afford to give them the musical experiences that can make such a difference to their lives.

Amber provides funding for:

  • individual music lessons
  • music therapy for children with life-limiting diseases
  • the purchase of instruments and specialist technology
  • tickets and assistance with attending concerts
  • travel and accommodation to access opportunities for making music

In addition, for children under five, there is a new separate scheme Little Amber which offers families a free set of musical resources for them to use with their child, and four home visits a year from an early music specialist. The musical resources are also freely available for anyone to download from the website. Charity no. 1050503

Wines and nibbles as usual.