Nadine André and Paul Cavaciuti

Saturday -
"It Had To Be Two"
Nadine André and Paul Cavaciuti

It Had To Be Two

“The Musician’s Guide To A Happy Marriage”

Nadine André: Piano

Paul Cavaciuti: Drums

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We present husband and wife team - Nadine André, concert pianist, and Paul Cavaciuti, renowned composer, teacher, performer, drums with their show featuring Ragtime and jazz standards from the 20s and 30s, and classics of 19th and 20th piano repertoire as you’ve never heard them before. You will also learn how to stay happily married when your partner insists on turning the bedroom light on after returning home from a late gig, and the astounding story of how Beethoven invented disco!

Paul also plays as David Gordon’s drummer and Nadine performed at JASG with the Trifarious Trio last Autumn. Paul has performed regularly for us at JASG with various ensembles.

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Their much acclaimed programme “It Had To Be Two” is based on the song “It had to be you”.

“The Musician’s Guide To A Happy Marriage” has been very popular wherever they’ve appeared - a delightful light-hearted and humorous evening by two virtuoso musicians. It is certain to delight JASG audiences.