Tommaso Starace Trio from ‘Blue Note Milan’

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Tommaso Starace Trio from ‘Blue Note Milan’

Tommaso Starace Michele Di Toro

Tommaso Starace

"As a composer I have always made a point of exploring and pushing the boundaries of my own writing, trying to create different moods within my pieces by combining traditional and more contemporary harmony and focusing on a strong use of melody and groove with the additional use of odd time signatures.

Composers and musicians from Maurice Ravel and Cannonball Adderley to Ennio Morricone, Joshua Redman and Stevie Wonder are a continuous inspiration for what I'm trying to achieve musically.

To me a composition is powerful and magical when it mmediately sets a mood and takes the audience on a journey creating vivid images in their minds. This pulls an emotional trigger and the music stays with me for a long time - this is the goal I strive to achieve each time I start a project and complete a recording."

JASG's promoter Jean Darke writes "OK - bit of an unavoidable traffic jam with dates (one week from last concert) but ITALIAN travel timetables and a crowded concert schedule meant that we could only be sure of booking once more the sensational young Italian alto sax player and his BLUE NOTE MILAN TRIO to keep happy his numerous fans at St. Giles and the UK generally. (*The title of one of Tommaso's  best selling CD's, of many), and we are assured, as ever, of another evening of 'simply marvellous'  haunting and lyrical playing from this superbly talented young Italian musician. NB Tommaso used St. Giles recently as a recording venue for his wonderful virtuoso solo rendering for alto sax of the Bach solo cello' suites, issued on CD shortly."

"Starace is an increasingly individual musician, a highly accomplished technician with a gift for melody but with an additional facility to see 'the big picture ." - The Jazzman Review

Tickets: £15 /£12 (concessions)/ £5 (under 18 and students with ID)

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