Jazz interpretations of Scriabin

Saturday -
David Gordon
Alexander Scriabin's Ragtime Band

David Gordon and Alexander Scriabin's Ragtime Band

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Alexander Scriabin's Ragtime Band brings together some jazz interpretations of Scriabin's music with the latest trends of popular music at the time of his death in 1915 - tango, boogie-woogie, choro - together with a rewrite to end all rewrites of the eponymous rag by Russian émigré Irving Berlin. The deep, reflective and philosophic meets the light, bubbly and frivolous music of a world driven crazy by events and in the process heralding the dawn of modern pop music. ‘One of the finest trio records I have heard in a very long time’ (Stereopluss, Norway); Mojo's jazz CD of the year, 2016.

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